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Toasts au fromage et à la crème de cassis

Aperitif toasts with cheese and blackcurrant liqueur

As a true Burgundian, we couldn’t pass up this recipe for your aperitif!
Toasts with Epoisses and crème de cassis, for a more than gourmet moment. And yes, the combination of cheese and blackcurrant liqueur works perfectly and brings originality to the beginning of your evening.

We also suggest a variant with fig cream and sprinkled with pistachios for a crunchy touch!


Briottet - Cassis
Blackcurrant liqueur Briottet
A net
  • Slice of baguette or other bread
  • Epoisses
    6 slices
  • Pine pinion
    1 grip


Cut slices of baguette or bread (country, spelt...).

Arrange the cheese on the slices and sprinkle with Briottet blackcurrant liqueur and a few pine nuts.

Put in the oven for 15 minutes at 200 degrees and it's ready to eat!