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Geographical Indication``Cassis de Dijon`` and Maison Briottet

In 2013, “Cassis de Dijon” obtained its own Geographical Indication (GI). This GI specifies that “Cassis de Dijon” must meet the legal definition of a Crème de Cassis: minimum 400 g of sugar per litre, alcoholic degree: minimum 15%. In addition, the GI imposes strict specifications with which Maison Briottet must comply:

Cassisde Dijon

  • “Cassis de Dijon” must be produced within the commune of Dijon.
  • “Cassis de Dijon” must be made by macerating blackcurrant berries in alcohol.
  • “Cassis de Dijon” must contain at least 200g of blackcurrant berries per litre of finished product.
  • “Cassis de Dijon” must contain at least 25% blackcurrant berries of the “Noir de Bourgogne” variety.


  • Maison Briottet has stood in the heart of Dijon for over a century.
  • Maison Briottet macerates its blackcurrant berries for more than two months in a mixture of water and French neutral alcohol.
  • Maison Briottet offers Dijon Crème de Cassis containing from 250g of blackcurrant berries per litre up to 500g of blackcurrant berries for high-end Crème de Cassis.
  • All Briottet Crème de Cassis is made with 100% blackcurrant berries from the “Noir de Bourgogne” variety.

Compliance with the “Cassis de Dijon” specifications is guaranteed by an annual audit by an external audit firm.

Focus onthe ``Cassis de Dijon`` geographical indication

Crème de Cassis de Dijon Edmond Briottet
Cassis de Dijon
Crème de Cassis de Dijon Noir de Bourgogne

Dijon Crème de Cassis is a traditional high-quality product whose specific production technique has been recognised and constantly protected since 1908 by case law, French legislation and now by European regulations.

Its legitimacy and excellence were enshrined in 2013 by being classified in a “Geographical Indication” (GI) by INAO (the National Institute of Origin and Quality).

This protection and distinctive sign imply compliance with a very strict set of specifications that require the selection and implementation of fruit varieties, in particular Noir de Bourgogne, and the unique process of manufacturing from maceration of blackcurrant berries in alcohol and cold sugaring.

Dijon Crème de Cassis has belonged to the cultural and industrial heritage of Burgundy’s capital since the 19th century, within whose territory it must be produced, thus affirming the know-how of Dijon’s liqueur makers.

Recognition of the GI “Cassis de Dijon” is, therefore, an effective defence of the values maintained by Dijon’s manufacturers and an unrivalled guarantee of high quality provided to consumers.

Tout savoir sur le Cassis

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