12 May 2022
carton liqueurs artisanales Maison Briottet

There is no doubt about it, cardboard is a very practical and strong packaging! At Briottet, it is a real ally in our daily work, allowing us to ship our bottles to the four corners of France and the world. 📦

But here’s the thing, you’ve certainly heard of it, it’s a product that is becoming increasingly rare and therefore increasingly expensive (and yes everything that is rare is expensive). But why? Maison Briottet explains it all to you!

To make cardboard or paper, we need wood fibres, a natural material with rather limited resources due to the high global demand (for political, economic or ecological reasons, more and more countries like the United States are sourcing wood from Europe).

Since January 2021, the price of cardboard has risen by 40%, which is only a consequence of this growing demand.

A much more positive reason for this increase is the transition from plastic packaging to packaging made of recyclable material, which is an ecologically responsible quality of cardboard. And it is with this in mind that we at Briottet are thinking of new solutions! ♻️

As a supporter of the circular economy, Maison Briottet offers you a deposit in its own way. It’s simple, just bring back your Briottet boxes (from your previous orders) to benefit from a 60 cent discount on your next order.

A little help that allows us to participate in changing consumer behaviour and to offer more environmentally friendly packaging solutions!

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