13 February 2023

Briottet in the ranking of the best liqueurs in the world!

Maison Briottet appears in the ranking of the best liqueurs in the world.  Drinks International has just published its 2023 ranking of Best Selling Brands and Top Trending Brands. Our liqueurs AND our Marc de Bourgogne appear in these rankings. An international recognition alongside other major players in the world of spirits! And we are very proud of this.

Every year, Drinks International magazine, a specialist in the spirits, wine and beer markets, releases a new ranking. It gives the bar and liquor industry an idea of which products are enjoyed in the world’s best bars. It is expected every year in our business.

Briottet appears in three Drinks International 2023 rankings!

In the Brandy category, Briottet is in 9th position of the best brandies with Marc de Bourgogne. It competes with prestigious brands such as Torres, Metaxa or Cardenal Mendoza.

In the Liqueurs category, Edmond Briottet’s products are nominated in two rankings. No reason to be ashamed of the giants of the spirits sector! We obtain very good places and a proven recognition:

👉 A 7th place in the Best Selling Brands among leading brands (Campari, Cointreau, Chartreuse…)

👉 A 10th place in the Top Trending Brands

In addition to being renowned, our liqueurs are defined as trendy by our bartender customers. 😊

How are the products chosen for this ranking?

The Drinks International ranking is based on an extensive survey of 100 bars in 30 countries. These bars are benchmarks in their field. They are all nominees or winners of international awards… A top class jury for top class products! They share their top products and favourites in different categories of spirits. Gin, vodka, rum, whisky, liqueurs, brands, wines and beers are also ranked.

A true recognition of our know-how

For us, this classification is a true recognition of our artisanal know-how. In our opinion, it is one of the most important.

Usually, for any competition, you have to participate. And you have to pay a considerable amount of money to be allowed to be tasted. At Briottet, we very rarely participate because we are not in favour of the competition business. In this annual report, it doesn’t matter how big the company is, all the brands in the world compete. The only criterion is to be appreciated and used by these demanding and renowned bartenders.

Our aim at Briottet is to offer the best possible liqueurs. So when we are nominated by our customers, experts in their field, it is the best reward. A great recognition and an additional motivation to give our best every day to enhance our know-how as a craft liquorist.

Thank you to Drinks International for this great recognition and to our customers for their renewed trust. 🙏

To discover the ranking, go here

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