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Combining the best products and our know-how allows us to offer liqueurs of the highest quality.
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Crème de Cassis & after-dinner liqueursMaison Briottet

Our liqueurs are made exclusively by macerating blackcurrant berries harvested in Burgundy. They all have the Geographical Indication: "Cassis de Dijon".
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Crème de Cassis

Check out our selection of fruit brandies, Armagnac, Cognac, Calvados, Rum. As for Marc de Bourgogne, it’s aged in oak barrels in our cellars here in Dijon.
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Combining the best products and our know-how allows us to offer liqueurs of the highest quality.
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CocktailsFeatured cocktail recipes

recette cocktail liqueur de rhubarbe liqueur de rose Briottet jardin anglais
Jardin Anglais
Cocktail à base de crème de Pêche Briottet.
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18-Briottet Cocktails 2021 - Chestnut Manhattan - Liqueur de Châtaigne
Chestnut Manhattan
Cocktail made from Briottet Chestnut Liqueur
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17-Briottet Cocktails 2021 - Hazel-Fashioned - Liqueur de noisette
Cocktail made from Briottet Hazelnut Liqueur
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07-Briottet Cocktails 2021 - Tiki Tonka - Liqueur Fève Tonka
Tiki Tonka
Cocktail made from Briottet Tonka Liqueur
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01-Briottet Cocktails 2021 - Valencia - Liqueur d'Abricot
Cocktail made from Briottet Apricot Liqueur
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Cherry Beer
Cocktail made from Briottet Cherry Liqueur
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Cocktail Briottet Le Bir - Crème de Cassis de Dijon
The Bir
Cocktail made from Briottet Blackcurrant Liqueur
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Cocktail-Castagne-Briottet-Liqueur de Châtaigne
Cocktail made from Briottet Chestnut Liqueur
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Cocktail Biere Reconfortant Briottet Curaçao Orange
Cocktail made from Briottet Orange Curaçao and Coffee Liqueur
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Cocktail made from Briottet Gingerbread Liqueur
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Cocktail French Cass Crème de Cassis Briottet et Ginger Beer La French s'il vous plait
French Cass
Cocktail made from Crème de Cassis de Dijon Briottet
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Spritz bourguignon Briottet Crème de Cassis de Dijon
Burgundian Spritz
Cocktail made from Crème de Cassis Briottet
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Brandy Alexander
Cocktail made from Crème de Cacao ambré Briottet.
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Espresso Martini
Cocktail made from Liqueur de Café Briottet. 
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Toffee Apple
Cocktail made from Liqueur de Caramel Briottet.
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The Attention
Cocktail made from Liqueur de Violette Briottet.
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Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack
Cocktail made from Curaçao Bleu Briottet.
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Check out the range of Dijon Crème de Cassis, Liqueurs and After-dinner Liqueurs from Maison Briottet in our catalogue and soon in our online store.

Check out the full range from Briottet: Dijon Crème de Cassis, Creams & Liqueurs and After-dinner Liqueurs
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carton liqueurs artisanales Maison Briottet


Focus on cardboard and its rising demand and cost and discover Briottet’s solution to these increases!
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Briottet Cocktails 2021 - Printemps Sabs - Liqueur de Rhubarbe

Rhubarb liqueur celebrates its 10th anniversary

Happy Birthday!!!
We have achieved something… Our Rhubarb Liqueur celebrates its 10th anniversary this April 2022!

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