Icone panier

A question ?

We are a small team of 7 people to produce, bottle and market everywhere in France and abroad. We don’t have our own shop.
It is however possible to order directly from the company by 6 bottles minimum. It is preferable to call us before: 03 80 66 18 59. Please note that we do not accept credit cards.

If you come to Dijon, we can sell directly to you. Nevertheless, we don’t have real shop so please send us an email or call us before.
On top of that, minimum order from us is 6 bottles. If it’s too much, no worries, we have several customers close to us.

Not yet! By the way, the online sales part is only for France.
In the meantime, it is maybe possible to find our products on the Internet in your own country.

That is to say, we would love to! Nevertheless, we are not equipped or qualified to receive the public, sorry…
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Indeed, we can mix the cartons with several fragrances or bottle sizes.

In this respect, we thank you for sending us a request by e-mail or phone.  On top of that, specify your place of residence.
Tel : +33 3 80 66 18 59
Mail : briottet@briottet.com

Yes, we can customize your labels.
Actually, we can add for example your logo in black and white, the names of the bride and groom, the date…
Contact us on : briottet@briottet.fr

Unlike wines, the last liquor made will be the best.
You can keep our liqueurs for several months (even a year), without risk. Yet, they will lose a little of their aromatic power over time (especially cassis and framboise).
Moreover, to preserve them better, the refrigerator is ideal; otherwise, a dry place, away from light will ensure a good conservation.
Only Caramel 18% and Chocolate 18% liqueurs must be kept in the refrigerator within 6 months after opening.

First, you will find our products in delicatessens or at a wine shop all over France. Do not hesitate to contact us to find the nearest wine shop: briottet@briottet.fr
However, don’t look for us in supermarkets, you won’t find us!

Please send us a request by e-mail or telephone. Then we will tell you the nearest point of sale.
Tel : + 33 3 80 66 18 59
Mail : briottet@briottet.com