Icone panier

Briottet ice cream

Looking for a simple and refreshing dessert recipe? We’ve got just what you need with this quick and easy recipe for a guaranteed gourmet dessert!

Take some yoghurt ice cream, drizzle it with Briottet blackcurrant liqueur and add some crunchy treats from Adam’s confectionery (grapes macerated in Sauterne and coated in chocolate!) on top! A real treat ☺️

If you don’t have any Adam confectionery, you can also use other sweet treats to add crunch to your dessert (broken Speculoos, dried fruit, etc.). The choice is yours, so let your imagination run wild!


Briottet - Cassis
Blackcurrant liqueur Briottet
25 ml
  • Yoghurt ice cream
    2 scoops
  • Confiseries Adam or other crunchy treats


Place 2 generous scoops of chilled yoghurt ice cream in a pretty dish.

Drizzle the ice cream with 25 ml of Briottet blackcurrant liqueur.

Sprinkle with Confiserie Adam sweets or other crunchy sweet treats.

Serve and enjoy!