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Discover Briottet banana liqueur, or the star of the United States! Indeed, our fruit cream is a real success on the American market. Made from real banana juice, this alcohol will make the difference with other liqueurs on the market. No chemical taste here, but the maintenance of a strong fruit flavour, which is one of our priorities during the whole process of elaboration of the liqueur. In order to offer you an authentic product close to our artisanal values, we have not added any colouring agents to this product, which allows it to keep its natural light yellowish colour.
As far as the composition is concerned, Maison Briottet has chosen to use a blend of different banana varieties to find a perfect harmony between the sweet varieties and those that are a little sweeter. The only objective is to reveal all the aromatic power of this island fruit!

In the kitchen, this liqueur will go perfectly with all your chocolate desserts and can perfectly replace rum in your recipes! Far from the candy taste that can be found in other spirits, this banana liqueur will add flavour to your gourmet pleasures. Personally, at Maison Briottet, we had a crush on the cake filled with banana cream and chocolate shavings. A must try!

Did you know that?

The banana is one of the favourite fruits of the French with almost 9kg consumed per year, per inhabitant, which represents 17% of the volume of fruit sold each year! There is no shortage of anecdotes about this fruit with exceptional nutritional values: rich in carbohydrates, potassium, fibre and vitamin C.
Grandma’s tip: To get the most out of the fruit’s antioxidants, we recommend that you let it ripen completely before eating!
Tasting suggestion:
Banana liqueur is an alcohol mainly used for cocktails! Do you know the “After Sex”? The recipe requires a few ingredients but the cocktail is clearly worth the effort: 3 cl of Vodka, 2 cl of Briottet Banana Cream, 0.5cl of Briottet Poppy Liqueur, orange juice, and to finish, a light pinch of sugar! Pour the ingredients, topping up with orange juice, into a glass filled with ice cubes, then enjoy…
No, no, we’re not thanking you for it 😉

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Banana Show Briottet Liqueur de Banane

Ideal for use in cocktails. Try the “After Sex” cocktail: 3 cl of vodka, 2 cl of Briottet Banana liqueur, orange juice, 0.5 cl of Briottet Poppy Liqueur and a pinch of sugar. Put the ingredients into a glass filled with ice cubes and top it up with orange juice.

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