Cassis de Dijon, Blackcurrant Liqueur15 %

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As is the case as regards all of our crèmes de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur), for our Dijon Crème de Cassis 15% we use the most prestigious blackcurrant variety: the Noir de Bourgogne variety. The berries we use are harvested exclusively in Burgundy in France.
The blackcurrant berries are macerated in a water and alcohol solution for about 10 weeks, in order that all of their flavours are extracted from them. The alcohol-containing juice thus obtained is called infusion. Then, we add French white sugar to obtain this crème de cassis.

Our ancestral know-how means that we produce premium-quality cassis and this enables us to recommend that this product be employed for such diverse uses as cooking, desserts, cocktails and, of course, the ever-popular white wine-blackcurrant liqueur drink.

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Blanc cassis Briottet

You can drink it accompanied by dry or sparkling white wine, or in a Briottet Sour cocktail.

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